Welcome to Bilinga Cottages Sorrento. We would like to introduce ourselves as the owners of these beautiful cottages.

Our philosophy is to live in a harmonious manner with the earth as much as possible and as such we try to use sustainable and eco-friendly options. Toilet paper made from recycled office paper (and don’t worry we have tried them all and have found one that doesn’t feel like sandpaper!), chemical free dishwashing detergent and organic cruelty-free milk (kind to the environment and the cows) are just a few examples of what we offer.

We also supply our own free-range eggs from our happy hens when available.

We truly want to provide a restful haven for you to enjoy: whether you are a family, a couple or a group of friends. We hope the charm and serenity of the cottages will work their magic and you will return refreshed and rejuvenated from your time at Bilinga!

Kind regards, Jill and David